Todo Chise

Chise school

Chise spy

Physical Description
Age 16
Affiliation Saga Samurai Clan (formerly)
Status Alive
Relatives Todo Jubei (father)

Older Sister

Media Debut
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Chise is a character in Princess Principal.


Chise has a very strong character. She could murder her own father, as well as a countless amount of other people during spy missions without a second of thinking it over.

But she also acts as a normal girl. She has a weak spot for children, when a little girl got hurt she helped her, she writes home to her family and gets irritated when she is left out of the critical parts of missions.


Chise's school appearance makes up of a black sash with the traditional uniform underneath. She wears black boots as well as red flowers in her hair.

(Uniform: White shirt with a black ribbon, Grey corset with dark grey string. She wears a white frilly skirt.)

Chise's Spy outfit consists of a black hat with a black mask. She also wears the same ribbon and flower. She wears a black tight-shirt and puffy grey pants. She wears a multicolored frill wrap with a bow, as well as a small patch of black armor with red dots She wears a black ribbon around her arm with black leg armor, as well as black and red sandals.


Chise was trained by her father, Todo Jubei, but turned back on him after he betrayed Lord Horikawa. They met later on in the train in Episode 5, and so she killed him. After the event, she attends the same school as Ange and her friends as an exchange student. She was in the same class as Beatrice. During spy missions, she is the most reliable fighter of the team with her swordsmanship and martial arts skills.


Father (Todo Jubei) Edit

Jubei was a father to Chise who taught her about swords. However, when he became a traitor, Chise took it as he 'killed' her father, and vowed to slay him. She insisted on fighting him because she claimed that she was familiar with the way he fights due to previous encounters. Even though Chise killed Todo Jubei without hesitation during his attempt to assassinate Lord Horikawa, she expressed grief in front of his tombstone.


. She likes pickles and shrek


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